Elizabeth Siddal Pre-Raphaelite Artist & Model | Millais' Ophelia 1852

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Elizabeth Siddal is best known as the model for Millais’ iconic painting ‘Ophelia’. She became the most famous Pre-Raphaelite muse and posed for Victorian artists including Rossetti who she had a stormy nine year relationship with. In this video I’ve looked at Elizabeth’s own story and artistic talents. I’ve also visited the exact spot on the beautiful Hogsmill River where Millais painted ‘Ophelia’.

As well as being a Pre-Raphaelite model and muse, Elizabeth was an artist in her own right. As a women artist in Victorian England she never achieved fame and her life was cut short when she tragically died aged 33 from a laudanum overdose.

Via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKrMIHlyYKk